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Customer emails
June 2018
Thank you for your honest approach in an industry that is very questionable. I will be back.
Sandy, C. , Vero Beach, Fl

June 2018
Merci! Merci! Merci!
Marcel J. , Paris, France

September 2017
Your bank and percentage system has taught me how to wager to win.
I use to chase and bet high wrong.
But it helps with a winning %
Thanks Bubba & Harry
Grant N. Calgary,Can

September 2017
What a start to my year membership
Thanks for letting me in this year!
Tried last year but was late.
Trippled my bank so far
Lets hit another roll over
So exciting
Thank YOU for all your help
Pedro C. Los Angeles,CA

July 2011
Sorry to see Kim is no longer with you.
What a sweetheart she has been over the years.
All the best KIM!

June 2011
My 4th year with you now and 2nd half is a great feature.
Thanks also with your help in making wagering profitable.
It never was for me before I learnt some costly lessons. Jimmy C.

June 2009
What a year........GREAT! Dr. Roger G.

June 2009
Fantastic service you provide. I played second half with you as you know and it is out of this world. I might take a year off that a see if family still knows me, Ha. Hope you guys stay around as your smarts in the sports gaming is a sixth sense at times. Luv Suzie

June 2009
Hey Bubba,Kim,Harry,Ryan and all thanks. There is no point in putting up numbers but I and we know this was the best year I have ever had. It was beyond my dreams and this is my sixth year with you guys. Just bought a new Jeep after waiting 3 months for my check from of shore book. Sent a little ............................ Thanks Thanks Thanks

Bubba....Wondered why you don't release the great results of your second half club and how great it has been. As you know I have been with you nine years know and I appreciate your professional style. Please post my thoughts.
Hey Jake. Bubba does not feel it helps to post unmonitored results. He does it for his members...Kim

Dec 2008
Sports Book Edge
Thanks for another great season in college football.
I used your mangement bank system for the first time ever.
Like you told me it takes time and a lot of will to get in the system.
Using your guide lines and your great releases it has been the most
remarkable playing experience for me.
Thanks Bob & Roger

Oct 2008
about 7 minutes to go and Rice game has gone over!
You certainly are the man.great job.
Thanks for giving a chance for the non members to make some good money
.I will be buying the later play soon, and all other plays that you release in the future.
Thanks again.
Ray P.

Oct 2008
Well you nailed the first 3 Saturday, but it didn't look like the 4th would come through needing 38 points in the second half.
Rice/Smiss exploded in the second half to get the job done and complete the 4 game sweep.
I have never played a 4 game parlay in my life, but at 11:57 I called it in. 3 minutes to kick off.
I already had each play straight.
Unbelievable job!!!!!
Well I nailed the staright plays and the parlay.
I don't think I would do that again. I play straight plays only.
Well thanks Bubba again for doing a great job.

Oct 2008
Sweet calls today.
Got you every time you offered this year.
I expected today was the day we gave back.
My man owes me big time today.
Are you selling NFL?
I could chase him out of town.
Yankee Man

Oct 2008
I heard about you and picked up your visitors buy today. God man none even close as you swept the board. Thank you and you made me a believer.
Jack C.

Oct 2008
Love your service
GREAT GREAT Saturday as I bought your 4 pack this morning and cauht all 4.
Thanxs so much.

Sept 2008
Thanks to Harry on a fantastic baseball year.
Never played totals like this before.
Taught me a lot.
Always had a winning percentage
But bank was a minus with big minus sides.
You sold me.
Mike & Sal H.

Sept 2008
I was not sure to join your service.
Had heard good and bad but liked your system.
NOW I love your calls on ganes.
You always sound so confident.
Makes me feel confident when I play.
Great money line call, Did back it up with points also.
Larry D.
Sept 2008
You have made some bold calls
I have made plays you gave out
Never won so much in such a shot time
Thanxs Jay Dee

November 2006
Great call on the Wednesday side and total. First time I have had my bank this big.......................................Willis

November 2006
Bubba keep up the nice run on football
Nice to be winning.

August 2005
Great call Game of the Week..................Easy win....Joan

August 2005
You should let people know that as a member for 8 years in 7 of these
8 years your first pre season game of the year has won. The only loss
was year one. Great start..Thanks....Frank

June 2005
I loved your comments on NBA playoff Game of the Year in the second game of the finals.
"The whole world is on Detroit. DON'T BE AFRAID. A handicapper taking the Pistons has not
handicapped this game but only followed the public to the window. The Spurs this game in
double figures and if your book has a prop of -15 or greater play it. They will smoke this
team who is not the wounded Heat or the fighting cry babys from Lakers of last year. The suns would
bury these Piss Ons."
Thanks Bubba, I hit the 5* play plus a prop of 12-1 over -19.....Jack C

June 2005
Great year Bubba, Kim and Harry. Your number one fan..Slade

June 2005
Lok your approach to the world of sports wagering. You have give me my confidence back in sports wagering. Lifetime member....Ivan C.

June 2005
Great year you guys. Thanks....Bill88

Today we gave away our members 'Penn G.O.Y' with Pittsburgh +1 who won easy 27~3 as a free play. So far I have had 17 emails of thanks and to many to post here. We thank those who took the time to email.

Thanks for offering your top plays this year. I have emailed you a lot asking for this. Thanks Willis

What a week. I purchased your 3 top plays and hoped for 2-1 but got 3-0, thank you somuch. I had heard about you on a post board and thank yo. Keep it up Janice

I guess I can never stop thanking you guys enough. Your Saturday Texas AM GOW romps & your Sunday Eagles GOW also romps. Like I said before, its very tough to find top Quality Handicappers like you guys. I have never been so far ahead this early in the season. I wish you guys continued success an keep up the great picks. Thanks, Rob

Sweet year in your games of the week in baseball. Never seen anything like it
Looking forward to football key game....Jack

I signed up for your bailout play Hawaii & lost. but thank you for the free rebound play with the OVER in the Minny & K.C game... There are not many cappers who would come back with a free winner like your service.. It was a great comeback and thank you very much....Rob

April 9,2004
" Great key plays in college hoops and now hockey last night. My third year with you and it is the best that ever happened to my sports wagering. Love the party in Las Vegas again this year. People who miss this event haven't lived. Never seen anything like it....Grant N."

April 7,2004
" I always leave you this time every year but thanks for a strong finish in March Mad. and your game of the week in college ball. Loved it. My sixth year with you and will see you this summer when football starts.Thanks again....Dr.C.S."

August 17,2003
" My first year with you and hats off to great start .................. Love your approach to this profession, rare in this world..................what I have learnt already is worth my investment to say nothing of your record....Jack R."

August 17,2003
" Wanted to thank you for your free plays as I have followed you for over 2 years and the last week has been sweet as you have won seven straight and todays 3* play is looking good also. Tanks Marty N."

May 8,2003
" Love your series action. You are the only service that I have ever seen do this and do it with such great success. Love those plus 300 they make up a lot of ground in a hurry. C.J.

" Love this 'roll over' you started last night. Looks like fun...... I know you have had 8 straight days with a plus bank but really you are 11 wins 1 lost day in last 12.....It is fun to win! Bill

" Nice call on the Buffalos................Sweet number "11". Congats on a nice year in football. C.J."

" Great game of the year in college ball. Todays last game was the best as you stood your ground with the line going against you and won for the eleventh straight win. Thanks! It has been a blast.B.F.

" My first day with you guys was Saturday. What a day. Thanks you are for real.

" Bubba- INCREDIBLE! What a day! Iowa, Airforce and Hawaii All blowouts! Awesome!
Thank you!

Sept. 10
" I love your mature approach and keep up the winning. Great second half plays. Susan

Sept. 10
" my first year with you and great opening week in the nfl and you continue with your game of the week I heard about.!! Bill

August 3
" Joined your open house as you call it to get members plays this week from you...I think this is a cool way a service can let a person see how they operate...I got your plays this morning for the first time anf first call was a 5***** play on a total...I played safe and GOD the total goes over in the second inning...Nice job...Johnnie

July 2
" Hey Railside...Luv that Expos last night, great call for a top play..keep up the baseball.................you have it going.A"

Saturday June 15
" Just read your membership costs for the up coming year....First you gave out series opinions in the NHL and NBA this year and had a winning record with these but you don't post the results on your site, you are the only service that wins and says nothing (6 and 3 with me)...... Last year, my first year with you and I laughed when you said you could hit better than 60% and end up over 69% with me as I missed some plays, now your membership on the early sign up is less than I paid last year for the entire year. Sorry I am not use to your approach but thanks...B.F.

Thursday June 13
" Since I don't play baseball tonights hockey is my last game till the fall with you guys, but yesterday I should of picked up Harry's if play, Kool job. Thanks for a fine mature handicapping job you did this year. I hope you are not tring to grow to much as I love it the way it is...please consider your moves carefully....You have always been straight with me so I am with you...See you in September....Grant

Thursday June 13
" Hey Bubba................GREAT GREAT GREAT day yestrerday.....Debbie

Thursday June 13
" Kim,Harry, & Bubba.......Thanks for a profitable, enjoyable year with you as I finish number 4, Yesterday was a nice way to end off with your if play an including the nba second half I pocket 15 plus units....Off on vacation and see you all in the fall....Great work.Dr.C.S.

Thursday May 2
"Visitors to your site are not fully aware of the extras you are now providing. Your second half plays and your series plays in hockey and nba. Most services hide when they lose but you have won and are not pounding a drum. Why??? Love what you do it is exciting to win. Francis"

Thursday March 25
" wow! what a weekend, may I thank you for your astute coverage and those great second half picks! I know you send your selections out as soon as possible and I thank you for that. . . .
However, I missed your 3 star pick (winner) in hockey, despite my efforts to access your url at your site it was not listed. . . ..
(I think I even sent an email to that effect to no avail). .
Your service is fantastic, and I am a grateful subscriber, but in the process of attempting to improve things, would it be possible for you to include your free selections in your emails for those of us .
who (yech) have to work and hold down a job while trying to get your picks in? .
In all honesty, those who are not subscribers would still access your site for the freebees, and those of us who are fortunate enough to be on your band wagon would not need to, and be saved the time and frustration of attempting to do so. .
thank you again for your persistence, dedication, and committment.
. Your service is fantastic! .
thanks .

Thursday March 14
" I had a great day last night as the NIT overs were great plays with the games you listed and the 2nd halves were outstanding. I also played UNLV pretty hard and I'm glad they were hot from the free throw line. Looks like the over are the way to play. ................................................ Your service has been great as I only play NCAA BB and NHL. I limit my plays and I manage my money so I'm up over 100% for the year and look to be aggressive in the tourney especially with some of the 2nd half plays. Good luck with the tournament and I look forward to some terrific action. A.

Tuesday Mar.11
"LUV LUV LUV second half plays you are awesome. Jack P."

"Bubba- Awesome run with the bail out plays plus the rubber band games as well! thank you so much! your the best! rick m "

" Thanks for the email after our bail out loss that expressed regret over it. My God man how many services ever say there sorry after a couple of losses when I have banked thousands this year. You don't have to do that, just keep those great plays coming especially those bail outs...love them. CC"

" What a great week in college hoops. My account is up nearly 100% in the last three days! The plays of the day and the second halves have been awesome in the NCAA. And the bail outs are on a tear. I can't wait for the tourny to begin. Now that I'm using house money how exciting is that!! Oh by the way... the NHL has been hot as well. Thanks for the great service. - A"

Tuesday Mar.5
" Kim....I have two services this year. Last night my other guy "........." had his Total of the Year on the West Coast Conference total under, his GOY's are 3 and 7 so far...Bubba's bail out on the over on the same game with a 70% record made it very easy for me...Love your feature plays..Next year I will save even more with one service...Jimmie P.C.

Sunday Feb.11
" Bubba..I want to comment on your email of last week after having sub par times as you saw it, . I have been with you four years, in your bad times we lose house money. Over the years, I have never lost a penny of my money, Two days after your email we won hard and all of it back, and a plus. Thanks for being straight with me always. Dr.C.S.

Saturday Feb.1
" Dear Kim Hell Yes, I would like to bother you all at halftime to know where I might throw my money! Your service is fantastic. I have monitored and subscribed to many over the years, and spedge is the best I have found. Actually your record borders on unbelievable, whatever Bubba has for bfast or lunch, keep feeding it to him, as he seems to have a clear crystal ball. yes, you can quote me, and again, thanks for allowing me membership. sincerely j"

Sunday Jan.27
"Thanks Bubba on another great NFL year...I have been with you for five years........What a finish with your NFL games of the week with the over in the Rams game.You held firm as EVERYONE gave out and played it under.....Another winner with a strong over....This year I finished 18 and 2 and for five years now a sweet 76 and 19 and 2......Thanks so much..See you in the fall...Please don't change your format......Grant N."

Monday Jan.14
"Great Friday and awesome Saturday! Really looking forward to today's GB/49ers game!!!!!Thankyou!!!! ...R.M."

Sunday Jan.13
"I bought your week deal on Monday...After 6 days your 3* and 5* plays are 9 and 1......Great play selection..Thank you I was on a bad streak with my former man.......Love to win, up over $1,000. in six days...J.G."

Thursday Jan.3
"Very nice wins last night with Florida and the over! thank you!! R. M"

Thursday Jan.3
"Great defense of your Bowl game of the year winner yesterday.......Your approach and reasoning proved to be so correct.It seems most handicappers fell for what seems a trap and played Maryland. I like your style. Thanks TC"

Tuesday Dec.24
"What a Sunday. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!Thank You! Thank You.Debbie"

Tuesday Dec.24
"Hi- Sunday was incredible!Thankyou so much! Happy Holiday's!!!!! thanks again. Rich"

Tuesday Dec.17
"I did not believe anyone could be 12 and 1 on top plays. I bought yesterday. Put you to the test on a 5 unit play on the money line. UREAL. 13 and 1. You are for real." Harry

Tuesday Dec.17
thanks for the picks sunday ,out of the 10 picks you gave me i bet 7 and won 6 of them.that was great, ..............from a very happy customer." Kelly

Tuesday Dec.17

Tuesday Dec.17
"I had a big day yesterday....Christmas come early. Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you and Bubba."..Kirk

Tuesday Dec.11
"bought your game of the week and Monday night for $20.00. Won both for a total of 8 units. Beautiful. I will be back..Jamie

Monday Dec.10
"thanks for your help with a bank system.Since you showed me how to do this I have developed a winning system for the first time ever........Great NFL games of the week, I am now 6 and 1 since I started picking them up. Simply love to win"..Joan C....PS.."Kim is he married?" "No"

Sunday Dec.2
"Had a bad day Saturday with your early plays but found out why you call your late plays a bailout....thanks for two great plays Saturday Night including your suggestion on a nice plus money line .....Ross P. "

Saturday Dec.1st
"I got your plays and I won one play and that was a free play so I don't count that.......hope everyone lost also then I won't feel so bad....Scott N."

Friday Nov.30
"thanks for the nba total last night and the nhl totals! the 3 games i got with the total of 4 and a half were the three games you won last night! awesome!!!!! thanks again! rick"

~Membership is renewed yearly in July
~Membership has one level (all plays issued)
~Game totals rank high in our action
~Plays are rated 1 to 5 star the highest
~Service plays are posted and emailed
~Game writeups are not my forte
~Football has early and late releases
~Phone in for members plays is available.
~Bank system recommended to all
~Encourage play of $50.00 Min. per star.