12 Month Membership 2019

August 1, 2019 till July 31, 2020
Football, Baskeball, Baseball, Hockey
Membership accepted till full
~All plays in all action we do
~12 month membership inclusive.
~Football membership plays ~PLUS~
~Basketball includes Rubberband Action
~Sides and Totals of the Week in all Sports
~Games of the Year in all sports (Very Limited)
~Harry's MLB selections for time frame.
~Email response to action questions.
~All action independently monitored.
~Roll over plays included.

12 Month All Action (No 2nd half)

2019 Football ONLY Membership

Football Only membership
NFL & College Football
Membership accepted till full
~Starts with Exhibition NFL season
~NFL scheduled games
~College Football scheduled games
~NFL playoffs and Super Bowl
~Bowl Games thru Championship game
~Early releases as early as Sunday Night (opening lines)
~Sides & Totals of the Week
~Late Bailout plays
~All action issued in football inclusive
~Roll over plays included

NFL & College Football (No 2nd half)

2019 Buy Options

12 Month All Action PLUS 2nd Half Club
ALL issued plays for 12 months

NFL & College Football PLUS 2nd Half
NBA season & playoffs
College Basketball season & playoffs
NHL season & playoffs
Bowl Games
Feel free to ask any questions.
There is high BS pressure here.
We have filled every year for 20 PLUS
Once full that is it.
We handicapping here during the year.


Bubba bubba@sportsbookedge.net

2nd Half Club Membership 2019

Issued via Phone Text ONLY
Membership accepted till full

2017 Monitored Record for a $100. per star player
PLUS $$$ BANK LAST 18 years in Football

Membership accepted till full

~Second half football (NEW 2011 FB ONLY)
~Was Football & Basketball before 2011
~Limited membership
~Action goes via phone text only
~Schedule #'s used with line
~This service is provided College Football & NFL
~2ND half goes most weekday games, Sat, Sun,
~More than 1 game in action for the day (Except MNF).
~Players have advance notice of changes.
~Contact Bubba with questions on this service.
~Second half action is now moniored started 2009.
~LV Sportsbook players welcome.
~Lines are more sensitive on 2nd half

2nd Half Club ONLY

Basketball (NBA & College) Membership 2019

Basketball Only membership
NBA & College Basketball
Membership accepted till full
~Starts with acheduked games
~NBA scheduled games
~College Basketball scheduled games
~NBA playoffs till Championship game
~March tournet till Championship game
~Early releases usually the night before gametime
~Sides & Totals of the Week
~Late Bailout plays
~Rubberband game

NBA & College Basketball
Do This
You will find my service different
Based on my oddsmaker life here is what we do
Whether you are a member or not it could help
Cut down your losses by doing this.
Stop building another sports book

~Have a Money Management System or you will lose
~If you wish help or advice on money management contact Bubba.
~Games are handicapped as two teams
~Injuries,weather conditions,team chemistry,matchup situations,plus other situations
~Realise one major fact, books know what you are going to bet, Mr Public.
~You want to know what the public bets more than any other single trend?
~Monday Night Football 'Favorite and Over'.
~Lets talk what we do here.
~Totals, I do more than the average in this area.
~I enjoy totals, books take less on a bet, so they are not as comfortable here.
~Lines are ususally more attractive on a total than a side in some sports(MLB,NHL)
~My total action is 99% over.
~I do NOT like any action that I could lose before the game is complete~under
~I fully realise games go under, I simply stay off them.
~I do issue some unders in second half bets, but rarely in game action.
~Issue a top play weekly in most sports, side & total.These are all 5*
~Bailout is a late developing play not earlier issued but a result of new info.
~In football possible line move plays are issued early in the week.
~All action is posted in a login area for all members.
~Service action can be emailed upon request.
~Late developing action, ie. Bailouts, are emailed.
~I do issue more than average plus ml's especially in College Football.
~Play ratings are 1 to 5 Star with 5 the strongest.
~The dollar value is based on my conforming to my monitor's style.
~My record over the past 11 years displays the strongest % wins on the 5*
~Email questions are handled in order of their importance
~This hard core sports betting and we play no games and ask the same
Don't Do This
You will find my service different
Based on my oddsmaker life here is what we do
Whether you are a member or not it could help
Cut down your losses by doing this.
Stop building another sports book

~Books know trends, they set lines using trends, I am not a fan of trend play.
~You will see services issue plays with an 'alleged' 99-1(etc.) situation
~If this does exist, books know it also, and set a line accordingly.
~This is NOT handicapping a game but trend following.
~If this is what you want there are 100's of trend books in every sport.
~A trend starts and ends every gameday situation.
~We never issue a play greater than -135
~A play that moves greater than -140 is no longer action
~You don't need me to tell you -200 pitcher is the best in a game
~It is totally insulting to see a service issue a big juice play.
~If you think you need to hit 66% to break even, you are in the wrong profession.
~You will see services issuing huge minus ml's, not sure why, can't pick ATS?
~Probably just plain stupid and trying to pad record.
~Run lines in baseball (-1.5) are house bets.
~Puck lines at -1.5 in hockey are house bets
~Why? Simple, the house has a plus win on these plays, stronger % on home team.
~Plays here are calculated at the players best odds; books are not your buddys.
~Services issue these house bets to protect their banks, not to give a winner.
~Parlays ~ Sure you won one once ~ This is not a professional play.
~I do not answer any emails that ask for a parlay, and I have got some.
~Teasers ~ The only one that HAD! some value was the 7 point NFL teaser
~Books have moved the ml last I heard to -140 on these. Don't even look at it.
~Lets put it this way
~If in Vegas I know Casinos that sent limos for 'whales' on these plays
~If you paid a service for this trash, I cannot help you.
~Plays are not issued on the 'do theory', The only do I know is morning 'dew'
~'Locks' a word that is totally foreign to me, 'No speak that language'
~If you are a forum person, save your money, you will be 86'ed with service postings.
Membership Questions
If you have a question, ASK!
Email Question Do you issue parlays or teasers?
SBE Answer NO! I do not play, even with your money, this action. We use to look at 7 pt NFL 2 team teasers but books got hurt with this action so they have moved the line (last I looked -140) and it is not a wise play for those who use a money management system. A service that issues these. and there are many now, want to attract the novice player and they probably do. It is not our style. Las Vegas books every Thursday have numerous parly and teaser cards for the visitor player. I get the odds from a couple of my guys who still work in books and on the average a 4 team parlay card hits less than 2% of the time. Hard to stay afloat with that.

Email Question Can you help, I want to use to cards to pay?
SBE Answer Those wishing to do this please contact us and an invoice mailing will be sent to you as you request.

Email Question Please explain how second half is issued as I am in a book most days and am curious?
SBE Answer As a result of over whelming emails we are changing this year. Plays will go out via email to address you setup. Such as a phone and/or pc. Yes some have more than on address installed such as a phone or email and more. We will not change from day to day for you so you get all at once and just delete it.
Email Question Can I signup early as I am away till July 8th?
SBE Answer Sorry no that is not done. If you email us and say I am joining and will sign up as you say the 8th, your spot is saved. We count that space gone in our count. As of July 1 at 12:30 pm we are currently ay 68% of our planned membership. Simple just email and state your case. Once we are full it is handicapping time for us and no wasted time soliciting sales as that will be done for 12 months here. Nothing but picking winners.
Email Question When will I be able to signup?
SBE Answer Visitors will be able to join after active members have a two week period to let us know whether or not they are returning.
Email Question With your good past year, will there be openings in 2009?
SBE Answer Our costs are determined by our budget for the upcoming year divided by total memberships sought. Once total is acquired we stop accepting membership and concentrate soley on handicapping and NOT marketing. This year we plan on a slight increase in membership so this should reduce the membership costs that might have been totalled to prospective members.
Email Question Can I mail in my payment for membership and will not lose my membership?
SBE Answer Yes. We give a 5% reduction with mail-in. Once you tell us that is your plan and give us a time frame, your membership is secure.
Email Question Are second half bets available by phone?
SBE Answer Been tryed before. There is not enough time to do this at half time. Half time has no time for questions. Plays are released ASP and it is up to you to get them in the same way. Sometimes it comes slowly and you miss a play, but that has been rare. It is a very limited membership area and we have not come up with a count on additional players in this area. Most are heavy players and not fans of most books. Lines sometimes move from point of issue to bet time and you have to learn when to play and not play as there is no time to come back and ask. It slows down the issuing of plays and not acceptable for others.
Email Question What is your past record?
SBE Answer All our games are monitored at the sports eye. John has been doing us for 7 year now. Before him was the now defunct Service Monitor and before that nil. Because of our large returning membership, we do not look to add more monitor services. I, Bubba, sell membership for my play selections to cover the costs of my operations(building,staff,etc), so if I pay the now ridiculous charges of monitor services, my membership costs would increase and since I will not become a telemarketer, there is no need. Our membership will fill, all costs will be covered and we will do our best to win money. The fat lady is singing.
Email Question What is the tentative time frame for sign up?
SBE Answer Current members will be offered membership for 2009 from Daddy's Day, June 21 through midnight July 7. Those on the email list will be notified of these dates and a direct billing will be issued to them upon request. If an individual responds and says they are joining on Date and/or mail in, they are considered a member and that spot is filled. Membership costs will be posted in June for viewing by all visitors and members. Membership closes when we are full. If a buyer comes in after we are full then their monies are refunded.
Email Question Do you support laying more juice to get a better line?
SBE Answer I have members who have been with me since day one who buy the hook on or off some numbers. I do not nor do I advocate that policy. If you chart it, which I have for years and books DO, it is not a smart move. You will loose money in added juice. If you have to buy on or off a hook to win you have the wrong side.
Email Question Do you recommend more than one source to wager?
SBE Answer Absolutely. You must have more than one source to wager at. At this time I am do not issue sports books but I am looking at several new ones. We have had a great year and a couple of books do not like our referrals at this time. You really need books with early numbers so in Nevada stay away from Leroys and offshore Bodogs for sure and I will have a few more once some guys get their money out. You must have a place that takes early bets, does totals, added games which are not handled by everyone. I am shopping spots.
Email Question I am not real familar with 2nd half is it profitable?
SBE AnswerSince we are not monitored or do we post our action on the site, you only have my word for it. Over the years (11) it has been the most profitable of all areas I do. It has it's restrictions. We have a small membership here for several reasons. We use an online service to communicate which limits the number. It requires a lot of time on the players part. Some players come and go during the day. It is done most Sat/Sun and some nights. Never on Sunday or Monday Night. It is considered a bus. and not for the family person. This area fills first.
Email Question Do you issue side and total on same game?
SBE Answer Very rare. I simply do not like to cheer against myself, so dislike this action.
Email Question With the free rollover after I join, should I have more than one book?
SBE Answer Everyone playing here should have more than one book. It is imperative to get the best line possible at all times. Since we are offering the rollover free with a book account and IF we do as good this year as last, they will not like us anymore. I know everyone cares about that (LOL) but have multy places to play no mater what system you use.